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Percipio Robotics has developed a unique expertise in terms of robotic systems for handling and assembling micro components. From the initial feasibility study to the delivery of a fully operating system, we are at your disposal to handle your challenges in terms of miniaturization!

« If nobody can do it, it's time to challenge us ! »

Identity of Percipio Robotics

nos valeurs


  • Flexibility and responsiveness
  • Responsibility Caring
nos compétences


  • Object handling down to 5 µm in size
  • Positioning accuracy up to ±1 µm
nos objectifs


  • Provide the industrial world with the best robotic micro-assembly solutions
nos moyens


  • 3 robotic platforms for feasibility tests
    Clean room manufacturing
notre équipe


  • More than 20 professionals (PhDs, engineers, technicians) in micromechanics and robotics


Percipio Robotics is specialized in micro-handling and micro-assembly robotics. Our tools allow us to design and set up cobotic or automatic solutions able to assemble microtechnical components with very tight assembly tolerances, in the micron range. Our expertise allows us to implement the most innovative solutions to realize systems overcoming the limits of miniaturization.

Collaborative approaches



Let us care about your small volumes of microassembly


Lab pack

Manage your experimental setups or produce your small series


Production pack

The turnkey mass production solution


Independence pack

Become independent about the evolution of your robotic solutions



Reaching the accuracy needed by micro-assembly is a challenge which requires to interface the best robotic elements (linear or rotation stages, dispensers, grasping solutions) with a high-definition industrial vision process, having them to work together through an efficient software control. Our know-how and our attention to your needs will allow us to use the latest and most accurate technologies for your application.



Several years of research and development work have led us to develop products that make life easier for micromechanical manufacturers. Among them, the Chronogrip and the PiezoGripper are proven solutions, rewarded several times during shows dedicated to microtechnical developments. They both require an adaptation to the specificity of your need – do not hesitate to contact us so that we can offer you the system that will revolutionize your assembly methods.



Percipio Robotics' ambition is to develop innovative assembling systems that, through their capabilities, bring real technological breakthroughs to push the limits of design in microtechnology. As such, we are actively engaged in several collaborative projects of industrial research, which allow to prepare the technical bases of the solutions that we will propose to you tomorrow.